Here are just some rules and policies for this Wiki.

1. No badge farming (making pointless edits for badges and achievement points)

2. No spamming

3. No vandalizing

4. No false information

5. No being racist

6. No arguing with staff

7. Nothing inappropriate

8. No being harsh to others

9. Bots are allowed but only to be helpful 

10. Two accounts per IP address (Exception is if you your brother and your sister each have accounts) 

11. Other than that no sock puppets 

12. No lying about being staff 

13. No asking to be staff you must help the Wiki a lot 

14. If an admin or bureaucrat think you are ready for staff they will put you in the Wiki chat room put it on private and test you


16. One rule break = Warning

17. Two rule breaks = 12 hr block

18. Three rule breaks = 2 day block

19. Four rule breaks = 1 week block

20.Five+ rule breaks = Infinite block

21. Second account if have one infinite after three

22. If your staff is taken away you get 1 day block